Any such file pair can contain subtitles for more than one languages. The language information is displayed in various players when selecting subtitles. Then, whatever is the resolution of the video they throw in their player, the subtitles look always the same. Instead there is a new set of options under the “Choosing Subtitles”. When “Custom” is selected then you are able, manually, to enter Width and Height of the bitmap insteed of the predefined values of the three other options.

Nombre: aviaddxsubs
Formato: Archivo ZIP
Sistemas de operación: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
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This utility is used to rename easily an avi file and its associated srt. This tab permits the configuration of basic parameters of the generated subtitles, about colors, fonts, fonts size and position, character set and language. When a value above zero is entered then this defines a time interval at which a chapter will be generated. This avi displays a message “Loading The second subtitle type is not incorporated aviaddxsybs the video file, is a combo of two external files with.

In case of adding chapters then a small avi, supplied in the zip, aaviaddxsubs incorporated in the avi. The language codes have to be separated by comas, as in the picture.

This, other times is easier and in others needs more effort. Is a percentage value that affects the aviaddxsuhs the subtitle text is rearranged to fit in the defined bitmap width. If this is checked and has been defined an output directory different from the one of the source file, then the generated file is named with extension avi.



This defines which of the palette colors are used as transparent. In case of more than one language a dialog will appear so the user is able to choose which of them to include. This entry appears as in aviaddxsjbs following example:. The avi will appear under an edit box named “AVI File” and all srt or idx in the list at the bottom.

This is intended to advanced users that wish to use the program in batch processing qviaddxsubs that do various things and a XSUB subtitle incorporation in addition. Every chapter is represented in a separate line in the text with time information in the form of If you get strange colors check or uncheck, depending on what it was the previous state.

Is entered the name of the video file. The easiest way to use it is to create a shortcut of the program in your desktop.


Then you can save the new avi under the name “menu. Avviaddxsubs this case you just incorporate the same srt 2 or 3 times.


For this feature to work the hardware player has to support officially avjaddxsubs unofficially DivX Ultra. And the subtitles configured for one resolution doesn’t seem acceptable for another. Choose the subtitle type that your player supports better. Defines the thickness of the outline used. There are two values that control the position of subtitles in your TV. If not checked then the subtitle will have the resolution necessary to contain its text but will be marked for the resolution defined.


The are four options:.

AVIAddXSubs – Descargar

Any such file pair can contain subtitles for more than one languages. They display the literal found in “SRT extension” and the language for all tabs In this case already incorporated XSUB subtitles in avi will be removed. The output of the program goes to this directory. You can choose color for both, text body and its outline. Generally leave this option unchecked. Look at 1 below.

Descargar AVIAddXSubs gratis – Última versión en español en CCM

Mi cordial felicitacion y patente econocimiento, a ustedes gracias infinitas. During the conversion information will appear in the screen showing its progress.


Finally replace the supplied avi with this one and start incorporating subtitles as usual using any interval for the generated chapters. Have in mind that the subtitle resolution and video resolution have no need to be the same as the rendering of subtitles is a separate process from video rendering.

First check the text entry Custom Colors.